Free Morgan Foundation

Posted on 01 March 2017

We are excited to announce our sponsorship of the Free Morgan Foundation for January - March 2017! The foundation is a non-profit fighting for the rehabilitation and release of Morgan, an orca held in captivity.  10% off all profits during this time will be donated to the organization.  Our decision to sponsor the foundation came after the distressing death of Seaworld's  Tilikum in January.  We do not believe in holding animals captive for human entertainment, gain and exploitation.  We hope the Free Morgan Foundation will be able to finally release Morgan to the wild where she belongs.  We encourage everyone to watch Blackfish and learn more about the stresses placed on Orcas in captivity and to, most importantly, promise to never buy a ticket to an event that exploits animals.  

Learn more about the Free Morgan Foundation and how you can help here:

Please watch this powerful, award-winning short movie on what it is like for Morgan the Orca captured and placed in captivity.  

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